Caesar Doing OK

Yesterday I had to move Caesar from his foster home. Things had not worked our because the very kind Spanish lady has a small apartment and Caesar decided NOT to use his litter tray, which as you can imagine was causing a few problems with rugs etc.

This is a little strange because we know he had a home before being abandoned. However sometimes ,when a cat is a little stressed by new surroundings, it can take a couple of days before things settle down which is difficult if you haven’t got a spare room to contain any mess!

Anyway now he is with Gisela at the cat rescue, currently in her bathroom with our big black TomCat, where they both need to learn better toilet manners right now! This is not ideal for Caesar as the plan is to send him to Germany mid May, and we now prefer our cats to be in normal home environments before they go. However he seems fine for now and the most important time will be the last week before he travels so we will be looking for a new foster home for then.

The good news is that he is well after his castration and is VERY VERY friendly and loving. He was happy to see me yesterday afternoon as he has known me in the street for several months now, and straight away climbed onto my lap for a cuddle. I know therefore that we did the right thing catching him, because he is definitely not meant to be a street cat.

In the meantime, Gisela is very kind and we know that he will be safe and well looked after.


3 thoughts on “Caesar Doing OK

  1. Chris

    Stability and love and they will be fine. They must find it traumatic sometimes and although for the best and they all end up so happy in Germany, each one will be effected in a different way.

    Good on Gisela!

  2. Pam Roberts

    He is definitely OK now, has settled into my computer room, eaten as tho food is going out of fashion, using his litter tray and has had a playout on my terrace.Is presently curled up in his bed and trills and chirrups all the time.He is one very happy cat.I intend to fatten him up over the next few weeks – never a problem in this flat – as he has lost a lot of weight and his coat needs some work.Will slowly integrate him into my menagerie.

  3. Chris

    Sounds like your magic touch is working again!!!

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