Carla & Puppies Update

I last wrote about Carla & Her Puppies in May. The puppies, rescued as newborns at the end of March, are now 3+ months old and it seems all have adoptants.

Carla herself is still waiting for a new home, but I hope for good news soon, and in the meantime, I know that she is being well looked after.

2 of the puppies, pictured below with new parents, will stay together, and all look well and happy. This is Almerimar stray’s first complete dog rescue from beginning to end, and I am very pleased for them all, and thankful for the work of more kind people in Germany, in helping us to make this happen.

Puppy & New Family

Puppies & New Family

Puppy & New Family


3 thoughts on “Carla & Puppies Update

  1. Jenny

    Looks like two of Carla’s pups have fallen into the hands of a great family, and also in the very best location! Lucky pups – and very good future ahead to them both! Hope the rest of the litter, and Mama Carla, are just as lucky……we look forward to see how they all do.

  2. Sands Post author

    All the pups have been adopted. Maybe my post was a little confusing. The photos show 3 different families, and one of them has adopted 2 pups. Only Carla herself is still needing an adoptant.

  3. Dawn

    Why am I not suprised little Fleur is staying with you and Chris,
    what a lucky kitten she is.
    Pleased to learn her new step-brothers are being kind to her, and
    perhaps Oscar will exercise and get in shape to try and win Fleurs attention and favours.
    Another happy ending to Carla, considering she is such an ugly bug
    its a wonder her pups turned out so well, fingers crossed Carla is
    eventually re- housed.

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