Carla & Puppies Update

I last wrote about Carla & Her Puppies in May. The puppies, rescued as newborns at the end of March, are now 3+ months old and it seems all have …

EWN 22/04 – Carla & Puppies

These are my first articles for Euro Weekly News. They feature Carla the little dog, whose story I also tell in today’s podcast on ShareTweetShare0 Shares

Carla & Puppies

I last posted about Carla and her babies only 2 days ago, but since then I have received some fantastic new photos of them all. ShareTweetShare0 Shares

Carla & Babies

Carla was rescued by us at the end of March with her 4 new-born puppies, having spent we think about 2 years on the streets. ShareTweetShare0 Shares

ALStrays This Week

Sunday April 11th All arrived safe and well in Egelsbach, Germany. I am awaiting more detailed news in the next couple of days! ShareTweetShare0 Shares


Little Carla has been a stray around the port for several years and most recently was a little friend for a time to the homeless man, Oscar. On Monday evening …