Little Carla has been a stray around the port for several years and most recently was a little friend for a time to the homeless man, Oscar. On Monday evening Pam and I finally rescued her, after an abortive attempt last week.

She had just given birth to 4 tiny puppies!

Mother and babes are doing fine for now up at the dog rescue, but as they have no proper place for them, we are urgently trying to find a foster home in Germany so that they can travel on the April 10th transport. Carla looks sweet in this photo, but is at the moment rather a nervous little dog, and prone to nipping. She needs love and care, and I hope will respond, and find herself a good home for a much happier, more secure future.

As for the puppies, they are gorgeous little furry balls, actually not unlike kittens I have seen of the same age. They looked strong and very much alive to me, so their future I hope will be just fine!

Carla & Tiny Pups

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