Cat News From Germany


Eddy Bird Watching

I love getting these photos from Germany of happy Spanish cats in their new homes!

Eddy actually travelled before Xmas, and scooped a lovely home in a house with a garden. Apparently one of his favourite things to do is bird watch from this tree. AND he has a beautiful girlfriend. Lucky … lucky boy!!!


Eddy’s Girlfriend

The next picture is of little Xabi, who went to Germany in July. Here he is in his foster home with 2 other Spanish kittens. He is doing brilliantly and getting taller each day. Apparently he loves fly-catching and playing. His new family are still on holiday, but he will be meeting them on August 18th. He too has a lovely home with a garden, which will be great for this sporty little chap.


Xabi & Foster Friends

And finally we have our Coyota Girls, Mitzi and Mausi with their new Mum Saskia who came to meet them in Spain. They now have new Spanish names, Sierra and Selina, which is very sweet, and all, including Saskia, look very contented!


Our Coyota Girls


Our Coyota Girls


Our Coyota Girls


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