Cats Mutilated and Brain-Damaged

No one showed Double Trouble any mercy.

Instead, the cat was shoved into a nylon bag so that she couldn’t resist, and a stainless steel post was screwed to her skull – just one of many invasive surgeries and experiments that she endured even as her health deteriorated. When she was no longer of use to experimenters, Double Trouble was killed and decapitated.

This year, around the world, tens of thousands of cats like Double Trouble will be tormented in some of the most horrifying experiments imaginable. Together, we must do more to stop their suffering.

You can help us work to end cruel experiments on animals by making a gift to PETA’s “Stop Animal Testing” challenge version: today, bringing us closer to reaching our £250,000 goal by midnight on 31 October. Your contribution, no matter the amount, will be matched pound for pound.

Right now, frightened cats, dogs, monkeys, and other animals are cowering in fear and enduring the pain of implantations, infections, electric shocks, burns, and more. PETA has highlighted that experimenters at a top university here in the UK raised kittens in total darkness for up to three months, while others had one eyelid sewn shut a month after birth. Others were reared in the laboratory in “normal” conditions for up to a year. All were subjected to brain surgery and killed at the end of the experiments.

Will you take action today to help us end such nightmares? Until 31 October, your gift will be matched for twice the impact in PETA’s work against entire categories of crude and deadly animal experiments.

Cats and other animals suffering in laboratories need our help. Please don’t pass up this special opportunity to make twice the difference for them. Donate now.

Thank you for your compassion and generosity.

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