Drink At Casa de los Gatos

Gisela has invited those of us that have helped with La Casa and the Strays up for tapas and a drink and to meet her daughter on Tuesday 2nd at 2pm.

I am going for sure as I feel bad that no one managed to go for the BBQ she arranged in the summer for us, and I know that she really enjoyed and appreciated the lunch that we arranged for her and wants to say thank you to as many of us as possible.

If you are going let me know, again preferably via a comment on the site and we can co ordinate cars and lifts. I am more than happy to drive and stay sober!


3 thoughts on “Drink At Casa de los Gatos

  1. Mary

    I will definitely be there Tuesday but I can’t stay long as I have to get back for Ika by 3.30 (have put her back half an hour). So, I´ll go up in my car as I will need to leave before everyone else. Also am genuinely interested in meeting G’s daughter.

  2. Jenny

    ‘Drink at Casa de los Gatos’

    Would love to go on Tuesday, may I take you up on your offer of a lift? Yes, it will be very interesting to meet Gisela’s daughter, and to see all the remaining cats – and Gisela of course!

  3. Sands Post author

    Great Jenny … I’ll pick you up around 1:30. Food will be provided, so I’ll take some wine. Trying to think what Gila may like as she doesn’t drink, but I think the main thing for her is that we make it a good day for her and her daughter.

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