Felicity (Fliss)

09/02/13: Flissie is a lovely little kitten, now about 8 months old, that found Jenny’s garden some months ago, and then slowly worked her way into the house and onto Jenny’s lap! We think she must have been abandoned as she was immediately friendly to all of us, although less sure of the other outside cats and at first of children. Over the months she gained so much confidence, really made herself at home, and stole Jenny’s heart, but today she is traveling to a foster home in Germany. Jenny and John would have loved to have adopted Flisse, BUT the one person who would not accept her was Jenny’s semi-feral own cat Sita. Sita is a tough little desert cat, rescued from Dubai, and has already attacked Flissie several times. Sadly Jenny has had no option but to let Flissie go. I am sure all will be fine, and the little girl will find a family to love her soon.

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