Flight Delayed Cats

Our poor cats, flying to Frankfurt yesterday, were delayed by some 4 hours, which was not great for them, and possibly worse for the German girls who then had to drive them hundreds of kilometers at 10pm to their news homes!

Finbar has gone straight to his adoptant, and has been joined there by Albi (featured in my last Euro Weekly News article), another big FiV boy, in the hope that they will become friends, and Albi will then also have his forever home.

Lucy our FelV positive girl also travelled, to a lovely foster home, AND 2 beautiful kittens from PAWs Mojacar, Joey (pictured) and sweet little Melody have adoptants.

The news from Germany is generally good, apart from Albi being rather stressed, which is not a surprise, as, until his recent castration, he was a definite street boy and very wary of humans.

Below is today’s email from Kerstin in Germany:

“all cats arrived well… very late but they arrived..

Finnbar + Albi -> Martina traveled to Trier… a long trip… She was back this morning very very early 3.30 am… On the way Finnbar talked all the time… In their new home Finnbar came out of the box, checked the apartment and the contract and cuddled a lot, Martina wrote… Albi came out of the box and behind the furniture and said “grrrrrrr” He seemed to be very stressed…

Melody is a lovely girl and Martina Pulver fosters her and she licked all the night in her hairs and played, so that she could not slept, too…

Joey and Lucy came with me… Both are strong characters…
Lucy came out of the bag and moved throught the apartement and checked all… she had no time to cuddle… but she seems to be very heathy… she was interested in all and talked a lot…

now Joey is at my castle… today evening I will bring him to Munich… He is a sooooo sweet boy…!!!! He talked all the time in my car… at home – I take the box in the house and he began to snurrrrrrrrrrrrrr… :O) then I brought him in his room… he came out of the box and kissed my face all the time… he ate and kissed, ate and kissed and all together… he saw my dog and all was find, he would cuddle with him… but my dog did not know him and so he said “grrr” a short, but Joey was not interested in that – he liked to cuddle… today morning he meat my Axy – my Axy was not amused but he would cuddle and play… Joey is really a very relaxed boy… but he is a little bit fat… ;o) but a very nice boy and all he want to check… A really dream cat and I am sure the adoptants are more than happy about him…”

I look forward as always to more news and photos soon.

Dream Cat Joey

2 thoughts on “Flight Delayed Cats

  1. Dolores Keane-Frouxides

    So happy for all of them but especially for Finbar (my boy!) and Joey. Well done to everyone, especially Sandra, Diane, Miriam & Anita and everyone who helped!

  2. Sands Post author

    Thank you Dolores for hosting the girls AND for commenting! The latest on Finn and his new friend Albi, is that they have ‘had a conversation’ but no fighting!!!

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