Found alone, motionless and barely breathing… it’s a miracle Modjadji the newborn zebra was ALIVE

In South Africa’s Mpumalanga region, a newborn zebra has been found on the brink of death!  

Discovered alone, motionless and barely breathing by an anti-poaching team, the desperately ill foal was rushed to our partner, the Care for Wild Sanctuary’s (CFW) intensive care unit for emergency treatment. Their worst fears were confirmed when blood tests revealed septicemia and severe anemia. CFW reached out to Animal Survival International for help and…we RUSHED EMERGENCY FUNDS for an urgent blood transfusion for the baby zebra!

The baby (she was given the name ‘Modjadji’ after the queen of the rain and ruler of the day) was only a few days old and in terrible condition and to make things even worse, she was completely covered in ticks. The team feared she wouldn’t survive the night.

Thankfully, the additional blood plasma and red blood cells we provided gave Modjadji’s immune system a much-needed boost and helped to combat the anemia. She fought bravely but her condition is pitiful.

Injured, weak and frightened, she needs long-term intensive care and rehabilitation to recover. We have promised to send more help, but we need your support. Please help us raise the $2,800 (£2,115) needed for her care.

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