Help Get 32 Pets To UK Safely

Transporting Pets isn’t just about sitting back taking the bookings and then driving them to their destination(s). Well not for ALStrays re-homing and transport as we have always taken on a number of ‘projects’ to try and help the animals, and more frequently in the current climate the owners as they face difficulties repatriating themselves and their pets.

We are currently trying to help Anji McDowell get her pets back from Portugal. Unfortunately the number has already dropped from 32 to 22. Yes I know that is a lot of pets and an example of what can happen when well intentioned animal rescue goes wrong i.e. circumstances change. Credit to Anji she is determined to get her pets back to the UK.

As they are all her pets they can be transported under the PETS Scheme on one transport, so long as there is a health certificate for every 5 pets. To be honest the logistics are the easiest part: drive to Portugal, collect the pets, drive to the UK. As ever it is the funding that is the main problem.

All the pets have their passports and are ready to travel. The vet certificate will probably cost 10€ per animal, and then there is the cost of transporting 23 pets from Portugal to the UK.

We are looking at a budget of 3.500€

Anjo has posted about her plight on Fundrazr and of course on Facebook so if you want to know more or want to help you know where to go ….. meant in the nicest possible way of course !!

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