Hollie: I Am Going To Live In The UK

Hollie here with some news that is both surprising and at the same time exciting!

My paw is very nearly fixed now, so much so that apparently I am off to live in the UK.

Chris and Sands think that my paw will be 100% soon, but that I will probably always need a protective shoe at times and an eye kept on the injury site to make sure that I don’t do any further damage. The diet that I have been on since I arrived with Chris & Sands has made me healthier and a better weight, so all things being equal they reckon I am ‘pretty much sorted’.

I am off to live in a lovely Barn Conversion in Staffordshire, with a great family, which includes cats and dogs. I am not sure where, and I don’t really know what ‘Sold Subject To Contract’ means but I am told it is very much in the country surrounded by a reservoir and fields that I will be able to run in, the cats have their own enclosure, but the garden is also cat and dog safe with a large fence (and Protecta Pet Stuff) keeping the cats and dogs safe and secure.

Am I sad to be leaving Chris & Sands and my friends of the last 8 months?



Because they are coming with me!!!!! Yep it seems that Chris & Sands have decided to base themselves back in the UK for a while to be closer to their parents, and to develop the Pet Transport business in the UK.

They are very much keeping the existing EU & UK Pet Transports and the Re-Homing Project going, and we have been told to get used to the journey as while they will initially be coming back individually for the above, the plan is that we all come back for extended periods throughout the year, so I am not even saying goodbye to my lovely life here in Spain …… I am going to be a dog with two homes!!!

I am not sure when we are going, but at the moment there is a lot of activity in the apartment in Spain as things are prepared for the move. Not much seems to be going back as Chris & Sands are not selling the apartment, but they have been decorating and preparing it for it’s future use i.e. less stuff as Chris keeps saying!

But for now you can read more about the reasons for the move on Chris’s personal blog, and the impact it will have on the Scheduled Pet Transports here.

Update: 13th October 2018 – still in the STC (Subject To Contract) stage so we have no moving date, but is no rush as our plan is to move over the second week of March 2019 if we can.

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