How to make your bedroom pet friendly

If you’re lucky enough to have a cute pooch or pussycat in your home, then you’ll likely love him or her as much as you do the rest of your family. Looking out for your pet’s safety is just as big a concern as looking out for your children’s or partner’s, and while furniture companies are always updating their customers with new and wonderful ways to make your home more pet friendly, here are a few tips on how you can make your bedroom a happier place for your pets.

Give them a good cuddle space

There’s nothing quite like the unconditional love that man’s best friend can give you, so why not return the love by making it easier for him or her to cuddle you? A low bed is perfect for little pooches or those who are getting a bit older, enabling him or her to jump up into the bed with ease and snuggle up with mom and dad. If you’re a bit of a clean freak, have a bristle brush close to your bed at all times to get rid of any stray hairs. Four poster beds and valances are also a no-go if you have cats as well – while they may look beautiful, they also make a rather intriguing climbing frame for little kittens who could claw away at the material or possibly get frightened if they get stuck too high.

Eliminate hazards

According to Tabitha Sukhai, homeowners with pets should take the ‘puppy’s eye view’ test when furnishing their bedrooms – taking to their hands and knees and looking out for potential hazards to your furry friends. Cover up plug sockets, keep hazardous chemicals such as beauty products out of their way and make sure that any garbage cans are sealed to prevent them from rustling through any potentially dangerous materials. Consider purchasing a window guard if you’ve a particularly active pet, and keep any blind cords short to minimize danger.

Make your pet feel welcome

If you want to encourage your pet to roam the house freely, give them an incentive to come into your room. A good cat scratch toy, for example, will not only entertain your kitty but also keep their claws blunt to minimize the risk of any damaged furniture in your bedroom. If you’re really close to your dog, keep an alternative dog bed in your bedroom to give him or her a relaxing space. Using your bedroom to let your pet sleep in is not a safety issue, however, keep their eating and litter areas separate to guarantee your privacy and maintain good hygiene practices.

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