Kieble & Honey – Special Cats

22/02/14: These 2 gorgeous cats left SOS Pechina 1 week ago and are now on their way together to a foster home in Germany. In the last week they have had a chance to relax away from the other cats and all the dogs at Pechina, and Kieble in particular is already a different cat. He was always difficult to stroke during his 6 months at Pechina and I wondered if he was in fact semi-feral. Now I know that he definitely is not. Kieble is a gentle, beautiful, tame cat, who, I think, has had a very frightening time. He still flinching if hands are above his head, but after 2 days at Pam’s he was coming forward for strokes and the lovely gourmet food this pair have had as a treat. Honey is much more confident and is a real little character. She was happily sitting next to Pam on the sofa and demanding attention from day 1. These 2 have been good friends this week, so a forever home together would be lovely, but I think they will be fine anywhere, as both have no problem with other friendly cats, and both are I think just SO happy to be out of the rescue. Safe journey to Germany special ones. We are waiting for news and after this long journey I hope your bad times really are over!

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