Killer Cats

This is actually a very funny article that I read in the UK press. As we all know our furry friends are very good at killing small animals, but maybe we weren’t aware quite how good. Research has now been done, and biologist at Reading university have plans to electronically tag 200 neighbourhood cats!

It is with a heavy heart that I must inform the readers that they are most probably living with a brutal murderer. I take no pleasure in this. And I wish it were not me who had to relay it to you. But among us roams a beast responsible for the deaths of almost 150 million creatures a year. There are few serial killers like it.

To read the full article click here.

Actually my cats so far are innocent as there aren’t really any small creatures to attack on our balcony and roof. However we have rescued a couple of pigeons from Mori’s grasp in the past!

2 thoughts on “Killer Cats

  1. Mary

    I have to admit that the two adorable ginger Toms I had back in the UK did used to bring me a daily mouse when we lived in the countryside. This habit ceased when we moved to London as the large cat colony had already dispensed with any mouse population. They had to confine themselves to the odd worm. Rosie, our Siamese, was originally acquired when we lived on the boat as we had had a rat on board. I think if she saw one now she would be on top of a chair with me! Why chase a nasty rat when she knows she has a good supply of food in the kitchen and the odd prawn thrown in for good behaviour? She does however still clear the house of mosquitos and most flies for which I am extremely grateful.

  2. Chris

    Good article. Don’t think our two (or is it three) will get much joy on the roof, although Mori did bring a bird in a couple of months ago.

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