Little Laura & Archimedes

16/01/13: It is now almost 9 months since Laura and ‘Archi’ traveled to their new home together, and at first, our previously owner single lady Laura was not impressed by Archi’s desire for play and affection, so much so that their Mum was thinking she may not be able to keep them both. I am so happy that she gave them the time they needed to become friends. Now we have true cat love, and fantastic new photos! WOW! Archi is so beautiful now. How could Laura not love him? their Mum Sabine wishes us a happy new year and I have translated her email below. SO Sweeet!

You will remember how at the beginning it was not that great with these two. Archi was constantly fighting playfully with Laura. Laura was afraid of the huge mountain of fur and was terribly stressed. The turning point was the common holiday in Denmark. Since our old house cat Romario was very weak already (he died in late 2012 at age 19), we did not want to also leave the 2 of them with my parents and therefore took them with us to Denmark.
A great decision. Laura has immediately taken to the house on their property, while Archi had to acclimate for a few days. As a result, the balance of power shifted to Laura’s favour and she became more confident around him.
Within two weeks, the two have started to clean and play together. Now, six months later, the two are inseparable. In character, they are very different, but they are a fantastic pair. Archi is now playing (mostly) much more carefully with the small fragile Laura. He has also learned from her mutual grooming. Laura is a little lady and she cleans everything and everyone. She is a very motherly cat.
Archi has taught her in return to play and she loves it now! She’s has also become much more talkative. Archi was from the beginning a little chatterbox. With cooing sounds he has tweeted the day’s events. Laura has now imitated him so well that you can not distinguish between the two!

We cannot imagine what life was like without them. In September we moved into a house with a big secure garden. All is splendid.”

04/05/12: Now I have lovely photos of these 2 who are already friends, and a very funny update from their new Mum, as if written by Laura who seems to think she is a little grand for her new toyboy, but quite fancies him! I have translated a little of her message: “Archi was so sad because I did not want to know him, he gave everything. Maybe even a little too much. He wanted to know the pretty lady with the blue eyes. It was all too forward for me. What a daredevil and obviously, without a pedigree, and I’m a lady! But I was impressed by his manners. He got the message and kept his distance, after I made it quite clear that he wasn’t to come too close.And he is making an effort, never stealing food from my bowl, and cleaning himself every day to slowly improve his appearance. Now his coat is very fluffy and almost white! What can I say. I’m a female and he’s really attractive in a very rustic natural way. I didn’t mean to but this afternoon I was tempted and extended my cleaning to Archi. He looked so peaceful and quiet! Only to his ear of course, and it doesn’t mean he has won me over. I am not that easy! but I am a single female and I have done nothing wrong. I can clean where I want. Enough for now!”

It certainly looks like she is won over, and its not as if she is actually a pedigree cat herself! Archi is used to having lots of cat friends and is a very sociable man. Little Laura was an only cat so I am sure just needs a little more time. Looks like cat love to me!


Siesta With Mum
Handsome Archi

Pretty Laura

06/04/12: These 2 beautiful cats don’t know it yet but they have a forever home together and will travel to Germany on the next transport on 27.04. Laura was an owned cat, but her owners have moved from Mojacar with their young child and did not want to take her with them. Diane from PAWs is looking after her and I am very pleased that she has found a new home so fast. Her adoptant wanted a second handsome cat and has chosen Archimedes from Montse’s cat rescue home to be Laura’s boyfriend. Montse found him dirty, thin, anaemic and full of parasites a couple of weeks ago, but he is now putting on weight well and gaining in strength. We think his anaemia was caused by worms and malnutrition and he seems to have no lasting problems. Of course his coat still needs to improve, but it is easy to see from these first photos that he will be a very handsome boy again soon. I’m hoping that they may even meet before they travel as Laura really needs to come inside from her garden home at least a week before the transport.

Handsome Archimedes

Handsome Archimedes
Sweet Little Laura

Sweet Little Laura

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