Lucie & Luc Update

This is the latest from their foster Mum:

Lucy is incredibly jumpy, she winces every time and runs off. This will take a long time until she is fairly tame, as she was in spain. (Actually she wasn’t much different here and needs lots of attention.)

When I sit on the floor and all cats streichel, it also comes lucy and can scratch otherwise I’m with her no chance.
However, she cuddles a lot of males with luc and think filou and especially with merlin. most of all she is on the heating.
(not a surprise. Germany must be cold for our Spanish cats!)

Luc is a super wirbelwind however, is still cuddly and affectionate. jumps up and runs over all tables and cabinets, tearing down everything that is in his path. feeding when I have to be careful not he sticks his head into the can. as it is when I make me something to eat. when I eat, then he is unscrupulous and tries to steal from my fork to eat.

however different the two of them are so sweet that if I had more space I would keep them away! I’m looking forward already to next week when I am no hoilday, with no end to cuddles!

This lady sounds lovely, and it is good to hear that she thinks Lucie is sweet too, as I’m sure somebody else who loves cats will feel the same. We definitely want Lucie and Luc to go to a home together, so that Lucie keeps her trusted friend and Luc supplies lots of cuddles!!!

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