Lutz’s New Best Friend


One Contented Cat

I posted a little while ago about the 2 lovely cats that were awaiting Lutz in his new home. Lutz travelled to Germany on October 8th and almost immediately it appears to be love between him and one of his new friends!

You may not have quite noticed in the first photo, but the reason Lutz’s hammock thing is looking a little small for him, is because there is a little ginger cat in there too! Meet Lutz’s new best friend!!!


One Contented Cat


One Contented Cat


One Contented Cat

AND he seems pretty fond of his new Dad too!!! This looks like one happy cat!!! AND the good news is that these lovely people had told Kerstin that if all was well with Lutz, they would be happy to also foster other cats for us. All looks pretty good for the future.


One Contented Cat

Lutz definitely seems to have found his forever home. To see more photos of him and read my previous posts, please click on his name in the Tag Cloud or search ‘Lutz’.


4 thoughts on “Lutz’s New Best Friend

  1. Pam Roberts

    They have to be the most amazing photos of one of our cats in his new ‘forever’ home.Just shows how adaptable they are especially when they know they have struck lucky.We worry about the transport etc. and when you see photos like this it makes all the hard work so worthwhile. He is a really beautiful cat anyway and it would be hard not to fall in love with him.

  2. Sands Post author

    Here’s hoping they don’t break the hammock though!!!

  3. Chris

    Pam you are so right!!! The end really does justify the means in these cases!!! They look so content and happy!

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