Meet Pippa Kitten


Cute Playful Pippa

Pippa is another rescue from outside Almerimar, but we have also adopted her as an Almerimar Cat!

Tracey found her near some rubbish bins in Roquetas, or more accurately heard her and then delved into a bush. She was very weak and struggling to walk the first day, but soon got her strength back, and made friends with the other kittens at Nicola’s, in particular our 2 lovely brothers Luke and Snoopy who are pretty close to her age. We think she is now about 2 months, and she loves to play and in particular to jump!

She is also very sweet and gentle to little Felix.

We are hoping to give her a new friend soon, in little Lucy, the most tame of Keba siamese’s kittens, as if possible we like to re-home our kittens in pairs, and Pippa is for now an only child. Enjoy the photos of this pretty little miss!


Cute Playful Pippa


Cute Playful Pippa


Cute Playful Pippa


Cute Playful Pippa


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