Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

That time of year again, although certainly a stranger one than usual!

A sad year for us having to say goodbye to Saidi, and as with everyone a very different year to the one that we had planned.

On the cat rescue front Sands has continued with her project, thanks hugely to Mary in Spain, the rescue at Pechina and the girls in Germany.

My planned retirement didn’t quite go as planned! Since making the decision in June I have remained involved with a couple of rescues bringing cats and dogs into the UK from Romania and Cyprus taking my total numbers to 814,255 miles, 4178 cats and 4143 dogs making a total of 8322 animals transported.

December in particular has been manic as rescues tried to get as many animals into the UK pre Brexit as possible. This was not helped by the Eurotunnel decision to limit the number of vans allowed on each Shuttle and the introduction of a new requirement to be either a Business Account holder (which we are) or a Registered Charity in order to add 20 animals to a booking.

Hopefully you and your family have all “survived” the year fit and well, but for those that haven’t I am sorry.

As for next year I am still thinking about what to do. Will post my thoughts here.

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