Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Sands and I, and of course the ‘gang’ here enjoying their first Christmas in the UK, and our first in the UK for twenty (20) years.

It has been a different year for us all. We have been in the UK for nine (9) months now and well and truly settled in, although to be fair it was a pretty painless experience as a) we had kept a regular presence here in the UK and b) it’s not exactly rocket science sorting out a move!!

What has been different has been the reduced presence of cat re homing and pet transports from our day to day lives. Sands has kept involved with Pechina thanks in no small part to Mary, and the ‘girls’ in Germany continue to do a great job, but there is no getting away from the fact that more and more cats are stacking up in Pechina as I saw last week, so 2020 will see Sands try and find a way to help more of them …….preferably by re-homing some to the UK as well.

On the transport front part of me has missed the UK – Spain pet transports, but part of me would be happy to never drive a van again! I have been doing a fortnightly Calais Shuttle transport to help bring rescue animals from Romania into the country, and I have every intention of carrying on helping these guys.

Depending on what Sands does with the cats and the UK I might do a few pet transports from Spain next year. One thought is ‘just cats’ as could use the small van and one driver to keep costs down as the twenty limit into the UK means that in reality a cat equals a dog as far as price goes, or maybe combine a Cat, Galgo and Pet transport?

For now though we are just enjoying day to day life with parents, pets and a few people!!!!

Best wishes to you all, and whatever you do keep safe, keep sane and keep smiling!

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