12/12/12: Micky for now has a new friend Fabian to play with. Mum Agne sent this gorgeous new photo of him yesterday so that we could see how beautiful he is now with his fur looking lovely! Wow!
04/11/12: Yesterday Kerstin went to visit the VERY self confident Micky and gave him a big kiss from me. He is VERY VERY happy! Our big boy will need to stick to sensitive food as he has a delicate stomach bless him, but all is just fine in his world. He really is one cool cat. Enjoy Kerstin’s latest photo.
24/10/12: Here are the latest photos of the VERY handsome Micky and ‘friends’ in his new home. All his friends are very beautiful!!! Humans and cats. I love how relaxed he is looking and the photo of him trying to get his huge paws into the game. Enjoy!
15/10/12: Micky is already very loved in his new home, and from the new photos it is clear he has a lovely home which he has been happily exploring. I particularly love the photos of him watching the fish. There have been no big problems with Micky’s rather handsome new friend which is great. Of course his fur needs a lot of attention, and it seems Micky has not been very happy with the cleaning and fur ball removal process, but apart from this all is well!

13/10/12: I of course love all cats, but by choice Persian cats are not normally my favourites. Big Micky (2 year old) however almost stole my heart in the short time he was in our office, waiting to go to Montse’s. He is another beautiful cat, left by his owner at SOS Pechina. He was quite dirty and also had diarrhoea when I took him out of there, and with Montse and Pam’s help, in just over a week he is spruced up and healthy enough to travel to his adoptant in Germany on todays’s transport. Micky is so laid back and cool it is very hard not to love him. He is a big gentle giant of a cat. Most of the photos below are from Pechina, but I love the ones of him relaxing in our office. It was as if he had breathed a huge sigh of relief to be in a home and cared for properly again. He is a lovely boy.

Click on the photos to see them full size and have the option to download them.

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