More Great New Homes


New Friends For Lutz

Further to my last post, more pictures have come through today, showing me homes and friends that are waiting for our cats travelling to Germany this week.

Beautiful Lutz is the brother of little Chivers, and his new friends look pretty cool cats.


New Friends For Lutz

Meanwhile beautiful Goldie has a new toy boy, Leo, to meet in her new home, where her new parents love ginger cats!

Leo 2

Meet Leo

Leo 3

Meet Leo

AND it looks rather a nice home she has landed herself!

Leo 5

Cool Activity Centre

And finally, Chivers and Lutz’s brother and sister, Luki & Mimi, also have a lovely new home waiting. Check out this final photo of what their excited new parents have bought them! Surely this dispels ANY further doubts anyone may have about the intentions of these lovely German people. All I can add is LUCKY CATS!!!


VERY Cool Activity Centre


1 thought on “More Great New Homes

  1. Chris

    That is an amazing activity center. As you say VERY lucky cats indeed …. nice to see pics of their prospective homes.

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