New Kittens Update

The last few days have been interesting to say the least! If you have been listening to my phlogs then you will be up to date on most of the news, but in summary, we have rescued 3 more kittens and one cat in 4 days.

This all started with a phone call from Tracey on Friday evening and continued with Chris and I being woken by a phone call at 2am on Saturday morning from Kris Soroko to say that Emma and he had found a tiny kitten (he thought almost newborn) in the street when they were giving their dogs a very late night walk.

By Saturday we had Pippa, a lovely little tabby about 4 weeks old, and Felix an adorable little boy of about 2 weeks. I was worried that the baby kitten may not be savable, but when I first saw him he seemed very hungry but also very strong.

On Monday Pam and I then rescued Ginger Jasper as planned and then took him and 3 kittens up to see vet Miguel. Jasper had the works ready to go to Germany, Pippa had treatment for ear mites, Felix was just checked, and Luke was given anti-biotics for we think an allergy induced bunged up nose.

Luke is the little chap that had a fever a week or so ago, but now he is doing really well, has doubled his weight, is playing more and catching up with his bigger brother Snoopy.

I have just been to visit them all, and Luke is the sweetest and most cuddly (apart from big Tommy), and was kissing baby Felix on the sofa when he struggled up to him. Snoopy remains nervous but is slowly becoming more friendly, and Pippa just loves playing and jumping, and seems to have recovered well from the ordeal of probably being dumped with the rubbish. Tracey said she could barely walk when she found her on Friday afternoon. Now she is leaping all over the place and has made friends with Luke and Snoopy.

The third kitten is not so happy. This is little tabby Lucy, the first of siamese Keba’s kittens that Pam and I caught on Tuesday. She is crying a lot and no doubt missing her family and freedom. Big Tommy is trying to comfort her from outside her cage, but she really needs her mother and siblings back. Here’s hoping we can catch the rest of them over the next few days.

On a funny note, it appears that one of her little black brothers already has a home to go to in Germany and the name of Gizmo. This is pretty impressive marketing on my part, as I have effectively placed him before we have even caught him!

This is actually because the lady who wants to adopt one of our beautiful siamese mix kittens, said to Kerstin that she would like to take maybe a slightly handicapped one as well. Gizmo is well but being black (unpopular in Germany) and with a half stumpy tail, may be slightly handicapped when it comes to finding a home. We therefore put him forward and he was accepted as a future playmate for Lutz. His siamese mother may have swung things in his favour along with his blue green eyes.

SO the work continues and 3 more little lives have been saved, along with setting Jasper (who Pam says is gorgeous and definitely abandoned) on the road to a better life. We are definitely continuing to make a difference!

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