New Kittens


Little Coyota Girl

These gorgeous little girls were left up at the Protectora, and when I first saw them were in a small box with their mother in the dog surgery. we think they are now about 8 weeks old.

I was very pleased we were able to help them, and they are now enjoying life and much more freedom at Tracy and Kev’s. Meanwhile their mother, who herself is only 9 months old, has been taken home by Jos, who runs the protectora. We will now look after them here and sponsor them on their way to new homes in Germany.

Aren’t they adorable? I think they are all lovely, but think the siamese looks a little like an angel between 2 little cheeky devils in the play photos. I also LOVE how unafraid they are of Lady, who seems SO gentle with them, and frequently washes them. Tracey tole me Lady was really excited to see new kittens coming in the gate as she loves them.

The little Coyota girls have been named after Mum’s Ruthie and Betty, but it is hard from these photos to tell them apart. SWEEeeet!!!!!


Little Kika


Little Coyota Girl


Little Coyota Girl


Play Time


Play Time


Little Kika


Lady & Kittens

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