Our German Friends

I have written before about my 2 main aims in helping the stray cats in Almerimar: I want to try and sterilise as many of them as possible, particularly the females, so that we reduce the number of feral kittens born, AND where cats or kittens are people friendly I want to find homes for as many as possible.

Of course funding is a big factor in all of this, but people are important too. If we can find homes for some of the cats directly here in Almerimar that is great, but a big part of my plan is the work of the great girls who work for the charity in Germany and who give up hours of their leisure time to the cause.

It is always nice to see the faces of the people you are working with. I met Kerstin at Gisela’s cat rescue home last summer so I remember her, but I was really pleased to receive these photos of Martina and Cony whom I also email all the time.

The first picture below is of Martina (on the right in blue) one of the main people who works for the German charity, and of Uli, who is a regular foster mother for cats over in Germany. The second picture is of Cony, whom Roya met at Munich airport when she took little Kiri with her on the plane.

Uli and Martina


I love the fact that they are all holding cats!

Thanks again girls for all your efforts on behalf of OUR Almerimar cats.

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  1. Mary

    I hope they all read this site so that they know how much we all appreciate everything they do. They get my vote!

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