Pepis Dog Refuge: Urgent Appeal For Help

Pepis Dog Refuge in Pedrera, Seville, is owned by Jane and Alan Brian. They moved there in 2005 to open a caravan park but when they found a dog hanging from a tree on their land, that changed to helping the dogs!

In the past year the refuge has suffered from a parvo outbreak, some dogs deliberately poisoned, September and November serious mud slides through the kennels, then Alan was ill at the beginning of this year, and now Jane has back problems and is limited with what she can do.

Their electricity generator has packed up and their house is unsafe if there is another mud slide.

All the pictures are on their website

They live in an area where hunters and others regularly dump dogs over their fence or tie them up to the gate.

Has anyone a caravan or portakabin which they can donate or sell to them for a low price, for them to live in?

All contact details including their phone number can be found on their website.


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