Pet Transport: An Owners Perspective

We have always been happy to take an owner or rescue centre worker along with us as a third person. This was the case on a recent transport when we transported the last of 20 cats belonging to Maria back to the UK.

I have added her email to the Testimonials Page but she asked that I publish it as well, having read another testimonial on the site recently.

I lived in Spain for over 7 years in that time I was involved with cat rescue, I have 20 cats ( 2 are feral ) most of them taken in for some reason or other and not up for rehoming. I am now in England for a year or two and wanted my cats with me.

Last weekend I travelled from Spain to England with Chris Marshall and co driver Matt we had a couple of pick up/ drop offs along the way.

First let me say the trip was not what I thought it would be, expecting noise, smell and a lots of madness along the way I had the headache tablets at the ready instead I got calm, clean and a very professional handling of the animals in their care. Although I do think you have to be a bit mad to do the job

Within 20 minutes of starting on the journey the cats and dogs all settled down, well with the exception of one that was barking a lot. I had resigned myself to a noisy trip as I couldn’t see how we would be able to determine which one it was but Chris thought it would be the puppy that was in a flight box on its own so stopped and moved it into a cage with a couple of other puppies – immediate silence! To say I was impressed is an understatement, but I had read that the dogs travel better when they have company and this certainly proved that point.

The dogs cages were checked and cleaned if needed throughout the trip. Tends to be one cleans the cage while the other walks the dogs the animals were never left alone in the van. They were all fed chicken the cats also had dry food. Most of the animals just seemed to sleep the whole time when I looked in on one of my own cats she was curled up in a ball sound asleep.

If you need to transport your pets anywhere and cant do it yourself use Chris Marshall I have witnessed it for myself although he will not offer you chicken or even a pat on the head and the jokes were rubbish, believe me your beloved pets could not be in safer hands.

Thanks Chris and Matt.

Maria Whitelock

So according to recent testimonials my jokes are bad, I don’t feed the (human) passengers, and I can be abrupt (bordering rude), but if you happen to be a cat or a dog you get looked after well.

Sums it up pretty nicely to be honest!

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