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Received this testimonial recently (and a request to post it) following the transport of two pet dogs from the UK to Spain.

Chris was originally referred to me by someone on the Arboleas Forum, and I honestly thought “this guy can’t be THAT good”. I was right. 110% better. I chose Chris because of what appeared to be his total professionalism, the fact that I could track my dogs journey, and also that he is a man of few words…… can appear quite “offish” actually – except that he is certainly NOT Like this – it’s a case of dogs first and people after!

An attitude I LOVE – ‘cos that was the reason my husband divorced me over our rescue kennels, ‘cos I put the dogs first!! Always. And more than anything he has a wonderfully dry sense of humour (Chris that is not my ex).

Chris took my dogs, Bear (GSD, old and battered/rescue) and Meg (Border Collie/ex puppy farm breeding bitch) to Urcal, Almeria on 29th January. Probably THE most devastating day of my life, thinking all sorts of terrible things now, having been told by others of various people who traveled back and forth, and one company who even offered to let the dogs travel on the front seat in the cab. Can you believe ??? Enough said.

Having a Degree in Dog Psychology, had rescue kennels for 25 years where I used to take the police dogs that didn’t make the grade and rehabilitate them, I thought there was nothing left to know about rescue, transportation, etc. but I was sorely wrong. This lovely man KNOWS dogs loves dogs, and does ALL he can for the plight of the dogs in Spain.

Cesar Milan, step down – Chris Marshall is “The Dog Whisperer” – believe me.

Having told Chris how shy and frightened of her own shadow Meg was and she wouldn’t travel well, Chris walked in, got on the floor and scanned her, duly put them both on slip leads and off they trotted into this beautiful clean non-doggy smelling van with all home comforts for the dogs. Bear was on a special diet having had the poohs as a result of the worming treatment a few days before and that was kept in a cool box and given to him as stated.

Off they went at 2 pm Wednesday afternoon – and were in Urcal at 8pm Thursday night. With updates on the website all the way along the journey. Amazing. Safe, well, happy dogs. Pleased to see my husband. And they have settled in really well.

The tracking system is amazing – and so interesting that I stayed up all night watching it !

Absolutely amazing company, lovely man, total and absolute efficiency and professionalism. AND the work that he does in rescue is phenomenal. I would recommend Chris to everyone.

Chris, thank you. What else can I say. Fantastic Job.

Mary Watson, Little Dawley, Telford and Urcal, Almeria.

I know a few that would say (and who could argue with them) that I am more than a ‘little’ offish at times!!!

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