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We have been using the Pod 3 GPS Tracker with our dogs for some time now.

They are not the cheapest but they are the best that I have found with the main benefits being: size, water proof, weight, security and an excellent Smart Phone App that provides a whole range of useful tracking information and some less useful but fun and interesting activity information.

As with any technology dependent on WiFi, Phone Signal and GPS you are location and weather dependent but the only issues to date I have encountered have been on really over cast days and to be honest as any Galgo owner knows you aren’t going to be taking your Galgos far on days like that!!

I suspect that we are no different from many dog owners in that 80% of our dog walks are on the same 3 to 5 locations, so in reality the chances of them going missing are pretty low, and we have had them for long enough that we don’t worry too much when they are taken to new destinations – but they never run off the lead without their Pod 3 GPS Tracker for several reasons:

  1. Accidents happen
  2. People steal pets

As a transporter of rescue animals I am amazed, and concerned, at how few new owners have a Pod 3 GPS Tracker or similar, especially with the increasing amount of stories reported on Facebook etc of newly adopted dogs going missing, and the distressing number of dogs been stolen in the UK.

As I said, not the cheapest, but in my view the best, and treated as an insurance for your cat or dogs welfare a must have surely?!

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