Poisonous pet food killed these dogs, and the law did nothing to prevent it

It all started with some dogs refusing to eat their food. Then some collapsed. Dog after dog took a turn for the worse, suffering from dehydration and other clear signs of discomfort and illness. Some of the poor pups had seizures, one’s lasting for an agonizing 30 minutes. In the end, 21 dogs died and at least 40 more became seriously ill — and the thing they all had in common was the same dog food supplier, Maffra District Knackery in Australia.

Pash and Pebbles, two sweet retired greyhounds whose owner was just trying to give them the best life possible after grueling years on a racetrack, were two of the dogs that passed away as a result of eating pet food from Maffra District Knackery tainted with indospicine, which is known to bring on liver disease and death in dogs. A nurse at the veterinarian’s office where they died told their owner that she had heard of similar cases at another vet’s office — and in dogs that had eaten from the same food supplier.

This immense tragedy highlights the Australian legal loophole that actually allowed this to happen — all pet food standards in the country are completely voluntary, meaning there are no legal or financial incentives for pet food suppliers to keep animals safe! These animals are family members, companions, and living, breathing, feeling creatures — they deserve to be protected under consumer law. Add your name imploring the Australian government to standardize and enforce mandatory pet food standards across the country!

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