Protect critically endangered sea turtles from ocean debris

A group of fisherman were off the coast of Krabi in Southern Thailand when they spotted a turtle caught in a big white bag! As it turns out, the turtle was a critically endangered species called the hawksbill turtle. They were able to free the critter and let it go back into the wild, but many others are not so lucky. Thailand has a huge ocean pollution problem and there is a plan to get it under control. Will you sign the petition asking Thailand to finally clean up their oceans and implement the plan to keep them that way?

It’s beyond fortunate that the fisherman spotted this particular turtle and freed it from the sack that may have otherwise killed it! Their populations are dwindling so fast, it’s estimated that only about 8,000 nesting females are alive in the wild. The species is threatened by all manner of human behavior, from coastline developments and indiscriminate fishing to poaching. But one of the biggest threats to this creature is marine debris like the bag that almost killed our friend from this video. Sign on to tell Thailand to protect the hawksbill turtle by cleaning up the ocean!

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