Protect Irish Racing Greyhounds

Care2 member Raven De Bonaire has major concerns about animal welfare issues relating to the racing greyhound industry in Ireland. Many puppies and older dogs which don’t perform to racing owner expectations are killed simply because they won’t make money for the owner. They are discovered in mass graves with their tattooed ears hacked off so they can’t be identified – so that their owners can’t be held accountable.

Dogs are generally kennelled, constantly muzzled, for 23-24 hours a day for their entire racing life. There are usually at least two dogs per small kennel, sharing one bed (with straw if they are lucky). The kennels are overcrowded, not properly maintained and badly cramped.

In the UK there are regulations which provide some protection for racing greyhounds. These regulations do not exist in Ireland where most racing greyhounds come from. Changes need to be made to bring the laws in Ireland in line with those in the UK. These rules aren’t perfect but they do offer a lot of improvements to the lives of these beautiful dogs.

Please sign Raven’s petition to show the Irish Greyhound Racing Board that the public cares about these dogs, to encourage them to improve Irish laws to protect greyhounds.

You can sign the Care2 petition here

2 thoughts on “Protect Irish Racing Greyhounds

  1. Hanane

    Amen!We’re sitting for some frineds, so now we’ve got two greys roaming the halls of our home. Gets us to thinking about increasing the size of the herd.Absolutely wonderful view to look over at them right now, both curled up on beds, side by side.

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