Puppies – Peque, Bollilo, Candy & Lusy

15/02/13: Today I met these little lovelies at my vet again for their next vaccinations. They are very well and I managed to take some better photos of Lucy. The other 3 already have adoptants in Germany, and I think now after her latest photoshoot, Lucy will not have to wait long for her family. All 4 will travel to Germany 09.03.
29/01/13: These little puppies are just gorgeous! I was asked to help because the Spanish family whose dog gave birth to them has no money and could not keep or find homes for them. Already there is a lot of interest in Germany, where Kerstin is helping me with a personal adoption. This is not something we can do often as we normally only re-home cats, but sometimes with ‘special’ dogs we can make an exception. I met the puppies yesterday at my vet and they are special. Now about 2 months old, they are cute, playful and very affectionate, and because we know the mother and father, who are similar in breed, we know what these little sweeties are going to look like as adults.

Bollilo is the one boy, among 3 sisters, and little Peque is the smallest and most cuddly with less curls! Lucy was a fidgit and kept moving her head so her photos are slightly out of focus, but I think she still looks adorable. I have this feeling they will have adoptants very soon, and they should all be traveling to Germany on the 09.03 transport. I am happy to have been able to help them!

Click on the photos to see them full size and have the option to download them.

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