Registering Overseas Microchips In UK

For the best part of Ten (10) years we have had a link on the site to the form that is required for registering an overseas registered microchip in the UK.

This is required for people in the UK adopting a dog or cat from overseas that is being transported under TRACES, and for pet owners moving to the UK with their pets under the PETS Scheme.

Well, now that we are going to be based back in the UK, don’t worry it won’t adversely effect the Scheduled Transports between the UK and Spain, although I can’t say the same for Brexit in the event of a no deal!

As an aside if anyone wants more details on the background to our move back to the Uk you are more than welcome to read this post.

So ….. what does it entail registering an overseas microchip in the UK?

Well first you may want to remember this post link or more likely you will google something along the lines of: I am moving back to the UY with my pet and need to register an overseas microchip in the UK, or if you not so long winded: register overseas microchip in UK.

Either way you will probably end up at The Kennel Club Form 22 (A) Petlog Overseas Microchip Form which is a bit of a mouthful, but an easy enough form ….. would be better if could register multiple pets on one form – and you will need to pay £17 per pet BUT that does get you access to Petlog Premium which is no bad thing.

Oh and what is a little weird is that you need to register the microchips before you can register with Pet Log

2 thoughts on “Registering Overseas Microchips In UK

  1. Sharon Hearnshaw

    What is the database to register a BackHome Microchip in England?

    The Microchip was implanted in South Africa and registered on BackHome Database.

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