Rock Kittens & Domino

Our latest Rock Kittens have a new friend! As you can see from these lovely new photos, the little ones are growing up fast.

Their new buddy Domino however is slightly larger, being we think about 5 months to their 3. They all seem to be getting on brilliantly though, and I now hope to find them homes in Germany as 2 boy/girls pairs. Strange though it may seem the tricolour girls are now not particularly ‘in fashion’ in Germany right now and may be harder to home than our rather more usual Almerimar black and whites!

Domino, poor little chap, was we think left behind by his owners when they moved out of their apartment. He spent a couple of days wandering all the balconies crying, before kind people (including Jayne) fed him, and he realised his family had left him for good. It was Jayne’s husband Mike (our latest cat lover), who managed to lure him into their apartment to join the rest of the kittens, and he now seems happy and relaxed, and is a ‘lovely little chap’.

Twigs & Belle 2-1

Belle & Twigs

Domino & Rocky 1

Domino with Rocky (Left)

All friends together

Rocky, Belle, Twigs & Domino

Twigs & Belle-1

Belle & Twigs

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