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The current events in Romania are simply horrific. Barbaric and cowardly are two of the words that spring to mind. For far too many of the poor dogs whatever any of us can do will be too late. One can only hope that some of the distressing photographs online spur people on to try and make a difference, and in some small way ensure that these unfortunate animals didn’t die totally in vein.

At the moment we are talking to a number of people about providing transport to get at least some of these dogs to safety.

One organisation in the UK has already received offers to foster or adopt over 60 dogs from Romania.

At the moment we are looking at dates and logistics. One idea is to have the dogs driven out of Romania in cars to a central collection point and then drive them to Calais in the van to be collected by a number of cars and taken into the UK. ALL the paperwork will be completed correctly but if we could do it this way we would save time and cost. We could then do two or three of these runs in one go, a shuttle services.

Another idea is to see how many Spanish based transport companies that are DEFRA certified, or equivalent, would be prepared to join us in a convoy to get even more dogs to safety. Unfortunately I can’t see many being prepared to park their egos, put aside their differences, and for once genuinely put the animals first. If they are then great, happy to have any of them onboard.

Of course this all costs money. We have quoted at cost and with an option for people to pay later so that we can get this going as quickly as possible. If people do want to donate then PayPal to and I will ensure that it all goes towards helping the dogs in Romania.

People To Contact

Marianne Nohr Jorgensen
Kelly Noble at Homeward Bound UK
European action against the extermination of dogs in Romania.
Earnest Underdog


You can sign an online petition on here

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