Snoopy & Luke Photos


Happy Snoopy & Luke

Snoopy & Luke have been in their new home in Germany about a month now, and everything is going brilliantly.

Their new mother loves them as you can see from her email below, and even resident cat Murphey is coming around to living with his 2 new little friends. They are still ‘on trial’, pending Murphey’s final approval, but I’m hoping for good news from Melanie soon that she IS going to adopt them. In the meantime, enjoy this selection of the many photos she has sent me of these little boys!!!


Happy Snoopy


Happy Snoopy & Luke


Happy Snoopy & Luke With Murphey


Happy Snoopy & Luke

“So: the next photo, shows my darling Snoopy. He is the real gentlemen. He is very dear with all of us, very often curring. He has a fine curr, I`ve never heard it so, from any cat:-) He has a naive glimpse, I like it. It makes me angry, that no one of my guest recognize, that he is the fine boy, because he is still shy:-)”

Snoopy at the beginning hated to be touched and bit everyone. He is still nervous of news people, but when he trusts somebody, as Melanie has found, he is a cuddle boy!


Happy Snoopy

“So: the next photo, you see little, sweet, INNOCENT:-) Luke. He always sit behind my sofa and attack all of us: Murphey, I, my boyfriend and Snoopy. All people of me who come and visit me, say: ,,How sweet”, the Luke, but they don`t know, what he is still concocting, he is a little, sweet rogue:-). Luke, knows, what to do, if you`re a cat, and you wanted to appear brilliant , if some people visit you:-)”

Cheeky Luke

Happy Snoopy & Luke

Sleepy Snoopy

Luke Plotting?

AND meet Murphey. Snoopy appears to be making friends rather well hear, which bodes VERY well for the future.

Snoopy With Murphy Cat

AND finally, also from Melanie:

“At the end a fine I like and try to translate it:
,,You can`t change the whole world, if you rescue one or two animals, but you can change the whole world for the animal(s)”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I`m so happy with them, and want to do only the best for them!!!!!!!!!”

She sounds a VERY nice lady!

4 thoughts on “Snoopy & Luke Photos

  1. Jenny

    Stories like this make it all SO worthwhile. It is heartwarming to see that Snoopy and Luke are now two happy, lucky little cats! Lovely fotos, and their new owner sounds a super lady indeed. Well done to the rescue teams, here and in Germany.

  2. Chris

    What a great set of photos, they seem like characters. Can’t see that they wont be staying!!!

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