Sol Times 23/02 – A Very Special Pair

This is my article published in the Sol Times newspaper this week. It is part 2 of Lilly’s story.

This week is part 2 of Lilly’s story. If you missed part one then you can find it on my blog under ‘articles’. Lilly is one of the most special kittens we have had in Almerimar, and on December 22nd, after an operation to remove her malformed eye, this lovely little girl flew to Germany in time to spend Xmas with foster Mum Anke, husband Martin and her big snuggle cats, including Hannibal the supposedly fearsome, whom she was soon cuddling up to.

Lilly couldn’t go straight to her adoptant as one of their cats had a bad cold, and since she arrived with us, we have always been very protective of Lilly. This turned out to be true fate, that led to Lilly meeting her final boyfriend and the true love of her life.

On the same flight to Stuttgart was TJ, a rather handsome tabby kitten of a similar age. It wasn’t planned that Lilly would meet him as she was travelling cabin and TJ was in a large freight box with 2 other kittens, AND he was off to Anke’s Mum. Her cats however hated TJ on sight, and within 2 days he was also at Anke’s. Here Lilly LOVED him on sight and the rest is history!

Every few days more gorgeous photos of our young loves arrived in my inbox, and all of us were very sad that Lilly had her adoptant already, and must be parted from TJ. Lilly’s new Mum however was also receiving the same photos, and being a lovely lady persuaded her husband that these 2 HAD to stay together. They have now adopted TJ too, and Anke’s says that this is great as only TJ will be able to keep up with Lilly’s energy.

After her bad start in life Lilly has a HUGE zest for it. The last I heard these cheeky kittens were busy play terrorising the gentle house cat in their new home! Life is just fine for this VERY special pair.

Lilly & TJ


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