Sol Times Articles – April

My articles for the Sol Times in April have been regular updates on my work with the rescued stray cats across the region.

AlStrays Weekly Report – 06/04:

Over the last 2 years I have formed valuable relationships with foster homes, rescue centres, flight parters, fund raisers, drivers, vets, and of course the charity in Germany that facilitates everything. All are key to the success of ALStrays, which is solely focussed on rehoming cats, averaging 15-20 cats each month.

A big part of my work is communication, and this is where I would like this week to say a big thank you to the Sol Times for their continued support. A number of cats have been directly saved as a result of people reading my articles and from them knowing where to go for help. This week in particular I have been able to help an English lady who must return home and had been trying for months to find someone to take her 2 cats, Timmy and Simba.


AlStrays Weekly Report – 13/04:

It is too easy to blame the less animal loving Spanish for the strays problem but increasingly it is expats who are leaving their animals behind. Some do ask for help in time. In the last week I have rescued 2 adult male cats (Simba & Timmy), from an English lady returning home. She was SO relieved! I am also in contact with another English lady who needs to re-home a young male, and a man with 2 cats who must go back to the UK for health reasons. The first 2 of these contacted me having read my articles in this newspaper. Communication does work!

Some people themselves rescue cats, and don’t have the money to cope, and head home without them. One partner rescue is trying to ensure 5 of these cats are being fed, until we have places to help them. Their English owner has just left them on the street. Even worse, another English family left their lovely 7 month old female locked in the bedroom of their vacated rental property! Polly was thankfully found in time! I urgently need foster places for these lovely tame cats! Can anyone help?

AlStrays Weekly Report – 20/04:

Last week I wrote about the urgent need for more foster homes to take in particularly the tame abandoned cats, while I work to re-home them. Now kitten season is upon us again, we also urgently need places for litters of 2 month old babies! All of these can find homes via the organisation in Germany that I work with, but it takes time.

AlStrays is not an animal rescue. It is a re-homing process for cats. I work with a number of organisations and people across the Almeria region, who take in stray and abandoned cats, and help them to find permanent homes. This frees up places for more cats to be rescued, but they are always quickly filled, and more places are always needed.

The process works, and to date, as a team, we have re-homed close to 300 cats. It does however take time, and the cats need safe places to live while all the vaccinations and tests are carried out. Money is always needed but money alone is not enough. I need more people who care to foster for 1-2 months, so please do get in touch if you want to join the team and help to save some beautiful cats or kittens. We need your help.

AlStrays Weekly Report – 27/04:

Now is the start of a slightly tense 2 weeks for me, as I build up to the next transport to Germany on May 5th. This time our cats will be travelling with 30+ dogs from the local protectora, so my drivers can sit this one out! In the days before, the Transport List changes often, as new foster homes and adoptants in Germany are found right up to the last minute.

I am also trying to save 12 vulnerable cats from a campsite near San Jose, before the German man who looks after them leaves, possibly for good. It will be touch and go as I only have one week left. Next it will be time to bring in the new litters of kittens I have agreed to help. Everywhere they are more cats in need. Only this week I was contacted by another rescue in Almeria looking for space for a young abandoned mother and newborns.

Good news is that Simba, Amber, Sweep, Nina, Boots & Maria, and Zoe & Amy have alll recently found homes, AND the news of Jessica and her friends is fantastic. Check out their photos on my blog.

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