Spain Starting To Do TRACES Again

Signs that pet transporters will soon be on the move again from Spain as today have been informed that Malaga have started to process TRACES again, although to date no sign that Almeria are doing this.

Received this email with the details:

I have in writing that validation of Traces can start locally as from today.

For now everything is to be done electronically which means copies of passports will be required a bit earlier than usual e.g. for Friday departures this means the Friday before.

This is hopefully a temporary situation

The pages needed are; 1) Front cover 2) Owner page 3) Description page (the one with animal name, date of birth etc.) 4) Microchip page 5) Rabies page 6) Back cover (this verifies the area of registration) Plus RAIA or equivalent please:

God news, but on the other hand my guess is that this will become the “new normal” as will be easier for OCA rather than have people turn up with passports!

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  1. Steve

    Please can you help.
    We are two cancer patients trying to get home to uk with our Yorkshire terrier we can fly but need help to get fluffy back .

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