The Law In Andalucia

Just read this comment on a post on Almerimar Life.

The law in Andalucia makes all strays the responsability of the town hall of the area they’re found in. They are supposed to be taken in, assessed by a third party vet, and either put down if very unwell or savage, or put up for adoption. If they aren’t adopted after (I think) a month, then they can be put down.

In theory, anyone can take any animal to any townhall and leave it there with no comebacks

On the surface this doesn’t seem ideal as the animals could well end up being put down, but I guess that if that is the case it is better than struggling on the streets all your life AND at least they have a chance!

From ‘our’ perspective though if all the unwanted animals were handed into the Town Hall rather than dumped on the street, at least we could start a dialogue with the Town Hall to see if we could work together.

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