The whales will die a slow and painful death

Commercial whaling has been globally illegal since 1986, and for good reason. Whaling is a brutal and bloody process that can lead to a slow and agonizing death for hunted whales. But Japan has flouted this international ban several times. Then, in December 2018, Japan announced that it was pulling out of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) with the purpose of starting commercial whaling again. Within one day of withdrawing, it had already begun to murder whales. Countless additional animals could continue to die, unless we speak out now.

Along with Iceland and Norway, Japan is thumbing its nose at international efforts to protect these sacred marine mammals. But this isn’t about being a “rebel” or defying the rules. This is about murder. We must stand up for these gentle giants and fight all attempts to justify such cruel and inhumane slaughter. Hunting whales is a vicious and destructive practice — there are simply no two ways about itIf you agree, please sign my petition urging the Japanese government to return to the IWC and to prohibit commercial whaling!

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