This dog abuser should never own animals again

A horrible video went viral the week of Thanksgiving in the United States. The video was captured by someone’s doorbell surveillance and showed a man exiting a car and then proceeding to beat a defenseless dog. The abuser has been identified and now we need to be sure he never has access to animals again. Sign now if you want King County, Washington not to return this man’s dog to him and prevent him from adopting another one ever again!

Animal abuse caught on camera is almost never the first time it’s happened, it’s usually just the first time someone was caught. That’s likely the case here. The man exits the car and seemingly totally unprovoked, begins to whip his big fluffy white dog with its leash. Then, he shoves it up against a fence and beats it some more, seemingly while kneeling on it. This is not dog training, it’s violent animal abuse.

If a person doesn’t have the knowledge or patience to train an animal without hitting it, that person has no business owning an animal. Sign and share the petition to keep the pressure on and make sure this man never owns an animal again!

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