Tommy the TomCat

Isn’t He gorgeous?

Ok maybe I have a slightly weird view of feline beauty, but often the cats that appeal to me most are the character cats. This big fellow has been living on the rocks for at least 2 years, is rather battered and mangy, and is well known to Pam and George.

He was on our list for castration, but although very ‘fussy’ and affectionate, was not really considered by Pam to be a candidate for re-homing. Now suddenly all that has changed and I hope he will consider this lucky.

Yesterday Pam and George picked him up because he had a very badly injured paw. Begona tranquilised him and cleaned it out, but it was pretty obvious that he couldn’t go back outside until it had healed, so he is now at Gisela’s cat rescue. Of course it makes sense to now castrate him, but as he is being so friendly, and our German friends are sure they can find him a home (even describing him as ‘cute’), I have now moved him over from the ‘sterilisation’ to the ‘re-homing’ list. I only hope he appreciates this. Life will certainly be easier for this big softie, as he is permanently wounded from fights that he persumably loses!

He will spend the next few days in the bathroom and will then be slowly integrated with the rest of the 17 odd cats up there. Fingers crossed that this all works out. I have just been up to visit him and he doesn’t seem too unhappy, although I think he will be pleased to be let out into the rest of the house and outside play area. Hopefully this will be soon.

A Big Softie

3 thoughts on “Tommy the TomCat

  1. Chris

    He does look a big softie I grant you. Not sure that many males would ever use the word lucky and castration in the same sentence though!!!

  2. Sands Post author

    The lucky bit is the re-homing. Before yesterday he was on the ‘snip & back-out’ list!!!

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