Transport 27/08/11

This morning Valentina, Katya, Rory, Brady, Miso, Cody, Suri, Pompito, Dana, Asia, Samanta, Macarena, Suki, Tulika, Campanilla, Evelina, Wallace, Kai, Domino, Teddy, Tiger, Henry, Lolli, Ruby, Maggie and Gladys, set off for their news lives in Germany, 26 cats in total. We nearly didn’t have Teddy and Tiger as they decided not to stay on the terrace overnight, and were missing first thing this morning, BUT after a delay for them, the transport is on its way. Thankyou to Matt for stepping in as a very last minute driver replacement.

August is always a quiet month for adoptants in Germany, and some of our foster homes over there are also on holiday, so I am very pleased to get so many cats away. Thankyou to the girls from Katzenherzen for all their hard work finding homes, and in advance for all the driving tomorrow when a number of them will meet the transport. I smile often thinking of the number of people involved, and the amount of effort we all put in to helping these cats. Of course they are all worth every minute of it.
I wish them all health and happiness!!!

The Mori Waggon

28 thoughts on “Transport 27/08/11

  1. MaPu

    good luck and a good travel for the drivers and the cats

  2. elaine

    It was very emotional saying goodbye.Miss Maggie like mad.What a lovely guy,your Chris is.Hope they have a safe trip.Thanks for everything x x x

  3. Sands Post author

    You are welcome Elaine. I have asked for news and photos of Maggie urgently! More tomorrow. xxx

  4. elaine

    can’t believe the stamina Chris & Matt have…so grateful for the constant updates…time for a kip too…all cats are ok..fabulous…x x x

  5. elaine

    Great news…..Thanks for everything Chris……Safe journey home wished for Chris and Matt x x x

  6. Sands Post author

    Hi Elaine. Was about to phone you but realised you are picking up Chris’s updates. All the cats are fine and I hope to have specific news of Maggie tonight or tomorrow at the latest.
    Sandra xxx

  7. Carmen

    I adopted Gladys today and she is now called “Maya”. I Think, it fits better to my male catΒ΄s name “Merlin” ;o)
    I was very excited when I took Maya home but she is such a lovely little girl… as much as I can say after a few hours. The first thing she did when she left her box was calling her old friends with a loud “miau” ;o) now she is lying behind the catΒ΄s toilet in the kitchen and takes a sleep. My cat Merlin is in the living room behind the sofa. He also is a little bit scared about his new fellow occupant…
    I will try to tell you about the latest news in a few days and wish you all the best for the future ;o)
    Greetings, Carmen

  8. elaine

    Hi Sandra,

    That’s great news.I’m sure Chris and Matt must be shattered.Look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Elaine x x x

  9. Sands Post author

    Hello Carmen
    Maya is a lovely name. Thank you for adopting her. I hope she will feel at home soon and that she will be a good friend to Merlin.
    I look forward to more news and photos.

  10. Kerstin

    H everyone, I’m the new owner of Maggie. He was so happy to get out of the box yesterday and right after he made his first step into the new world my other cat greeted him with a not so nice chhhhhhhhhhh :). He was all cool about it and got out of the box. He ate and slept a lot. Already schmooching us with no fears. Last night he stayed in bed and came curling up right next to me. This morning he ate again and had another short meeting with 2 of my other cats. Felix was all cool about him, sniffing him and walked his way like Maggie always been here. Mina still gives him funny looks but doesnt go hide from him, Pebbles is not so nice to him but she stay outside so Maggie has time to get use to the new home and hopefully new friends.
    Will update you and thank you so much for all the effort bringing him here. I’m sure Maggie will miss the hot weather and his old owners but I’m also sure he will get use to it and maybe have some fun in the snow in the winter :).

  11. Sands Post author

    Fantastic news Kerstin, and thankyou for giving Maggie a lovely home. I am sure that Elaine will also reply to you. She will be so relieved that he is ok. xxx

  12. Sands Post author

    Hi again Kerstin. I have been smiling at the thought of Maggie enjoying the snow. My big cat Mori I think would love snow. Maggie may miss the sun but with his pink skin he is actually better out of it!!!

  13. Sebastian

    Hi all,

    I just want to leave a quick comment with regards to our new foster cat Domino which we renamed to “Dino” as renaming our cats has brought us good luck in the past (see Diego, Pepe and Luis).

    He is such a handsome guy and already yesterday evening we got to know his lovely character. All the sudden he came our of his hiding spot and started to meow. When my wife and I were sitting down on the floor he came close and started cuddling heavily. We were totally astonished. This morning he already explored his new home!

    It also seems like Pepe and Diego are getting along with him. Of course there is some grumbling but Dino is not really impressed… πŸ™‚

    Wish us good luck, that our little diva Diego will accept him and that Dino maybe can stay at our place, not as a foster cat, but as a permanent family member. Many thanks to Anke at Katzenherzen for giving Olivita a foster home, which made it possible for us to take Dino. It seems like our home is a household exclusively for tomcats… πŸ™‚

    Again very special thanks to Matt and Chris for their enormous efforts. I hope you guys will have a safe trip back!!!

    Best Regards

  14. Sands Post author

    I am very happy for Domino/Dino, thankyou. He had been shut in a pen with his 3 old friends for about 6 weeks here because we had nowhere else to keep them safe, and his old family had flown off to their new life and left them! He was very unhappy and didn’t even want to be stroked. I hope he will settle in well and I look forward to some new photos.
    Thank you and Christina again for all you have done.

  15. elaine

    Hi Kirsten,

    I am so happy and relieved to read your comment this morning.Maggie is such a beautiful boy and we shared many happy years with him.We were very upset to see him go to Germany but now are so happy that you are his new owner and he has already bonded with you.I do hope he becomes friends with Pebbles,it must be difficult to have a new family member appear from nowhere.I’m sure he will end up friends with all of them.We would very much appreciate it if you kept in touch with us as we miss him very much as I am sure you can imagine but it sounds like he has a wonderful future ahead of him.Love Elaine and Stef xxx

    Once again Kirsten, thank you very much,forever grateful x x x

  16. elaine

    Welcome back to Spain Chris….thank you for everything x

  17. Chris

    Your welcome, we have the easy bit in all of this!! Real stars are Sands and the girls in Germany, and even more the people that give the cats their new homes!

  18. Anke

    But you have the more exertive job πŸ™‚ The girls here in Germany can cuddle the cats and meet nice people!

  19. Chris

    Dino seems to have landed on his paws for sure!!! Hope it all works out for you all πŸ™‚ No need to thank us, seeing the cats safe and sound with their new owners/foster parents is all the ‘thanks’ that is required!!!

  20. MaPu

    hihi, Chris if do not drive…..we have no cats to cuddle

  21. Chris

    Chris will happily drive every month so don’t worry about the transport side of things πŸ™‚

  22. Kerstin


    Do you have a Facebook Account? I have News and pics of Maggie always updated there (Kerstin Hanfy Sayed).

    He has been doing even better now. Mina sleeps next to him but still doesnt miss a “chhh” every once in a awhile. My husband is spoiling him rotten πŸ™ and what the cat wants, the cat gets :). Since we bought all kind of treats to figure out which Maggie likes most, we now agree on cat “salami” :)). He is still in the bedroom most of the time but Mina dont let him stop her to join. So both of them spend more and more time together. Pebbles is doing nothing right now, she can not hear him (she is so old) when he is with us in the livingroom and when she see him she growls at him but at least doesnt attack him anymore. Felix is still cool about him, look at him and really dont get bothered with him :). Well he has been the only catman for the past 16 years and maybe he is happy not to be alone with the 2 wiches :)) anymore. I am so happy that him and Mina are bonding because her being the 3rd cat and Pebbles and Felix “being married” she was always the outsider. Even though she “chh” at him she likes to be near him and the way she looks at him sometimes seems to say “what a handsome young man” , hahahaha. Since i have so many years with cats, I am sure Mina and Maggie will be a nice couple one day.

    Oh, we tried to play with Maggie the first few days but he would not play with us, just sleep, eat and a few minutes a day he would cuddle, then back to sleep. This weekend i tried again and he did play :). I was just about to think he can not play or is to cool to play :))).

    Elaine, he is on a good way of being a strong part of our family and since not one of my cats had to leave or be given away because of a move or anything else, Maggie has a forever home and we will do our best to make and keep him happy.

    I hope to hear from you soon about the FB account cause that way u will get much faster updates :).

    Greetings from Germany,

  23. elaine


    I have sent you a friend request on Facebook.I have only just seen your comment.Stef and I are ecstatic.Can`t wait to hear from you

    Elaine x x x

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