Two Beautiful Little Boys

10/05/14: Today I went to check on Sebi and Ludo, 2 gorgeous little boys that I was able to take out of SOS Pechina on Tuesday. They had been in the rescue from about 2 months old, along with other kittens, and are now about 7 months. Being confined to a small pen is not a good way to spend their kitten-hood. Now they have the run of Miguel Angel and Isobel’s house and Sebi, the more adventurous and confident, was even swinging on the curtains today. They are a little thin as they seemed to keep getting colds at Pechina, but I am sure they will both gain weight now that they have better food. They have BIG appetites, are very friendly and seem to be now enjoying life, and they have no fear of Miguel’s big old dogs. Sebi in particular is constantly demanding attention, which is why I had to get him out of Pechina. He kept climbing my legs and asking me to take him. Ludo is a little quieter but they are a lovely pair. I’m hoping someone in Germany will fall in love with them quickly. I did immediately!

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