URGENT! We have just FIVE DAYS to save 6 giraffes, 8 zebras and 50 wildebeest from SENSELESS SLAUGHTER!

In South Africa’s Plettenberg Bay, 64 wild animals are about to be slaughtered to make room for a commercial macadamia farm! But with your help, we can rescue them from this horrific fate and relocate them to safe reserves where they can live their lives out of harm’s way. 

Six giraffes, eight zebras and 50 blue wildebeest (gnus) have been peacefully living on this game farm their entire lives. But now, the owner plans to have them killed to make space for farming activities. We cannot sit back and allow this to happen! Please help us raise $7,000 (£5,100) to safely relocate these creatures to nearby reserves. 

All over Africa, wild animals are being wiped out. Giraffes are particularly in danger. Populations of these graceful, gentle creatures have plummeted by 40 percent, yet with utter callousness these six are to be shot for meat. Please help stop this slaughter. 

We must RUSH wildlife veterinarians and expert wildlife capture and transport teams to their home and carefully dart the skittish animals and transport them to two nearby reserves that have offered to take them in. Friend, these creatures do not deserve to be killed just to make room for commercial farming
Wildebeest are such social animals that the females in a herd often all give birth at the same time and zebras are an essential part of the African landscape and ecosystems. We cannot let them all die.

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