What I Tweeted This Week

  • @Reisser Yes they all like love, but think abandoned pets miss human contact, and seem more desperate for love when rescued in reply to Reisser #
  • Saidi Babe: Go away Oscar … I am playing with Mummy and this is a one cat game … MY game!!! #
  • Prawns and Whiskers … a great start to the week! #
  • Oscar: I'm a potential killer cat. Right now I just kill flies! #
  • @ownedbyacat I am now even that hard on the outside! http://bit.ly/YH88r in reply to ownedbyacat #
  • Mori: Neighbour was washing his terrace. I was nosy and got wet! #
  • @rexy_the_cat Oscar: I'm also trying to catch pigeons but they a bit big yet, and I keep talking by mistake so they know I coming! in reply to rexy_the_cat #
  • Saidi: I like the 'hit the hanging cork game', but I like to play it lying down with Mummy helping me. It is more relaxing that way! #
  • @cressycat Good to meet you. We are trying to find a home for a lovely big TomCat with FIV. He is so sweet and gentle #
  • @ownedbyacat Oscar: Nah I'm a big softie really in reply to ownedbyacat #
  • @cressycat I will … he just LOVES belly rubs in reply to cressycat #
  • Mori: Having a queit morning so far. Let humans sleep in. It's getting hot and I played late with Oscar last night. Sleep was needed #
  • Oscar: I am lying on futon watching TV while Mummy does admin stuff. COoool! Just right after a morning's play!!! #
  • Cats here have juts had a shared Whiskers moment and are now up on the roof pottering #
  • @petxpert @LouPeb @GrandmaStormy @centerpet Thank you #woofwednesday in reply to petxpert #
  • @chirpycat what a pain … poor you. I'm tired of Mookie the 'owned' cat who keeps chasing off my strays. He is evil! in reply to chirpycat #
  • Mori: Hee … Hee. I just sprayed on Kris Daddy's friend cos I don't like him. He is NOT my friend and I want him to go! #
  • Fantastic News! Great home in Germany found for Monty and Mimi! Now we need a plan to get them ready to travel! #
  • @MizzBassie Hello to you too. You ARE following me thank you x in reply to MizzBassie #
  • All cats sleeping. Oscar had lovely snuggle and seemed very interested in sniffy my armpits. Shower time! Aren't they Sweeet?!! #
  • Oops problems today with Mac so no tweets so far! Early start am as taking 3 strays to transport to Germany #
  • @petxpert @Golfersmommy @MyAppleStuff @Suefromque @purplebear @cptpoland Thanks for #followfriday x in reply to petxpert #
  • Mori: Bit tired today but tis VERy muggy here and Saidi has runny eye and sneezes. Think she still has allergies maybe dust as windy too #
  • 6.30 am and I'm off to take 3 strays to the transport to Germany! Just getting light here in Spain #
  • Cats all on their way to Germany and Pam and I have had a well deserved coffee and croissant. Now we wait 24 hrs for safe arrival news #

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