What I Tweeted This Week

  • Off to bed after relaxing Sunday and BIG BIG cuddle with Baby Oscar!!! #
  • Up early to let Baby Oscar out to play! #
  • Baby Oscar:”OUCH!!! Ok I know I ran under your feet Mummy but OUCH! Ok I shook it … its fine … I’s playing again.” #
  • Mori: “WOW Baby Oscar you have SOooo much energy. I am a little tired today!” #
  • Baby Oscar_”S’ok Mori, I am VERY tired too and I just found this basket with snuggly fleece”. #
  • Back from sorting passports and transport to Germany for 4 cats this Saturday #
  • @EmmytheCat Yes we use pet passports. We sent cats from Spain to Germany for re-homing #
  • Baby Oscar: This bath is fun … a bit slippy though. Good Mori is in here with me!!!” #
  • Family play on the roof in the sun: Mori, Saidi and Baby Oscar #
  • Mixing Royal Canin baby biscuits with Oscar’s meat. Trying to slowly convert him to mainly dry food #
  • @mozartdane Many thanks #meowmonday in reply to mozartdane #
  • Mori:”Ok if Oscar doesn’t want his meat … I’ll eat it. OOps he wants it now!” #
  • @Monkey_Cat Mori: “Me too! Mummy put the pic on her blog: http://tinyurl.com/bn2wug#
  • Just rescued another kitten! Sweet ginger and white … lost or abandobed as very tame but distressed! #
  • @Monkey_Cat … Sorted!!! #
  • @EmmytheCat, @mickeychat, @Manxington Thankyou I DO think it suits me #
  • Oscar: “I am confused. I thought it was bed-time but you were only out for curry. I’m off outside.” #
  • Saidi: “I am the Mummy cat so have some respect and GET OFF my tail!” #
  • @Wildboutbirds Baby Oscar: “Godd for you! Not surpirsed … how could they resist you? I’m think I’m pretty irresistable too!!!” #
  • OOh busy afternoon helping at the cat rescue home. 6 TINY 2 day old kittens. Very Sweeet. #
  • Saidi: “Wow Oscar gets up early. All this bouncing on the bed is enough to ruin a girl’s lie-in!” #
  • Gosh we are tired here! Even Mori is not feeling so like playing with Oscar this morning! #
  • Gosh … lots to do still to get strays ready to travel to Germany this weekend … Getting there! #
  • Damn! Just lost my photos of 2 day old kitties! Trying to do too many things at once! #
  • Baby Oscar:”Ooh Mori is licking my head … LOVELY! He’s a great Foster Dad.” #
  • @Luzinha_Franzoi YES thank you. We are all sleeping after mega play … started 6.30am! in reply to Luzinha_Franzoi #
  • @Alantheferret Mori: “Cute red nose. I think mine is pretty cool too!” in reply to Alantheferret #
  • @OscarTheCat Yes GREAT name … but I’m the nose guy and my name is Mori! in reply to OscarTheCat #
  • @OscarTheCat OOh sorry. Forgot to say that your nose is pretty cool too! in reply to OscarTheCat #
  • Mori, Saidi & Oscar:”Where has Mummy been all afternoon?” Helping stray cats … very frnatic today!!! #
  • Early Start for me. Off to hand little Jasper to his flight buddy! #
  • @BasilLeaf Where do you live? #
  • Baby Oscar:”I am having a sleepy day, and so is my mate Mori. Maybe too much fighting yesterday?” #
  • Baby Oscar: “Luuvly snuggles with Mummy AND Daddy” #
  • Chilling on the roof with Moi & Saidi #
  • @OscarTheCat @frugaldougal Thanks for the RT and CUTE nose frugaldougal! #
  • Saidi: “I’m going to chill on the bed while nutty Mori & Oscar play underneath. I’m a cool Mummy cat!” #
  • Saidi:”OK I WILL platy the string game but only if it is exclusive!!!” #
  • Back from taking strays to transport. Up at 5.30! Worth it. All fine & on way to better lives in Germany #
  • Oscar Baby:”Something just scared me. Look at my bushy tail!” #
  • Mori:”I know Comic Relief was last night, but I’m keeping my cool nose for a couple more days!” #
  • @Charley_cat Hi there. Definitely suits you … looks FANTASTIC! in reply to Charley_cat #
  • @Luzinha_Franzoi We are all fine honey. Have a great one too! #
  • @EmmytheCat No worries x #
  • @MyAppleStuff Hee … Hee #
  • Starting to feel VERY tired after my 5.30 start with the strays #
  • Baby Oscar:”I’ll eat later. I’s too busy exploring. It’s great here!” #
  • @OscarTheCat Mori:”GREAT hat! I asked my Dad for one yesterday, but don’t know if I’m getting it!” #
  • @OscarTheCat Mori:”SO where did you get yours from?” #
  • Waiting for an email to say our little stray cats have arrived safely in Germany #
  • @OscarTheCat Thank you! I will get Daddy onto it. Mummy busy blogging!!! in reply to OscarTheCat #
  • Saidi: “This is NOT good. Baby Oscar is asleep in the bed with the sun and I wanted it!” #

2 thoughts on “What I Tweeted This Week

  1. bed pets

    Great blog post, so entertaining! I am a cat lover (pet lover in general) and loved reading your cat dialogues, so funny! I do that in my head all the time. Sounds like you have a nice little family going on, I wish you all the best.

  2. Sands

    Thanks for the comment. Please you enjoyed the post.

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